Gransdens Lock N Pop solution offers the most cost-effective way to Reduce (or remove) Plastic Pallet Wrap and Stabilise pallets.

Gransden is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of LOCK N'POP pallet stabilisation systems.

LOCK N' POP systems are used to stabilise palletised products as an effective alternative to pallet wrapping. They enable Gransden's customers to save money, reduce plastic packaging whilst reducing product damage in storage and transit. Manufacturers in a range of industries use LOCK N' POP products to secure boxed and bagged products and shrink wrapped cartons for storage and transport.

LOCK N' POP systems are an accepted part of many supermarket sustainability programs and Gransden works with blue chip companies throughout the UK to support their sustainability initiatives.

You can SAVE MONEY with LOCK N' POP now!

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