LOCK N’ POP systems have been endorsed by Marks & Spencer for its plan A program. Gransden works with Marks & Spencer suppliers throughout the UK to help them to contribute to plan A.
LOCK N' POP is a Walmart ‘sustainable value network’ partner. LOCK N' POP attends Walmart's sustainable packaging expositions and LOCK N' POP systems conform to the 7R test for sustainable packaging. Click here for a relevant case study.
LOCK N’ POP also supports Cadbury’s purple goes green initiative. Click here for a relevant case study.
LOCK N' POP's parent company, ITW, is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.
Furthermore LOCK N' POP fluids are based on natural materials. They are water-based with FDA 175.105 approved ingredients for indirect food contact. And they don’t prevent the recycling of the materials to which they adhere.
But most important: LOCK N' POP is all round better for the environment in terms of its use of natural resources, its production of solid waste and its carbon footprint. Check out the table:
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