LOCK N' POP products are used by manufacturers of animal feed

Animal feed is typically shipped in plastic sacks on pallets. Manufacturers who use LOCK N' POP are able to do without stretch wrap on the pallet saving money both for themselves and their customers.

Massey Feeds, the leading UK manufacturer of animal feeds, has been using LOCK N' POP for 4 years and saves money by using no stretch wrap.

Director Aulden Massey says: 'we are very pleased to use LOCK N' POP. The system is reliable, we save money both for ourselves and our customers and we are doing our bit for the environment too by reducing plastic waste.'

Ridley Inc, a leading Canadian manufacturer of animal feed, has switched to LOCK N’ POP to save money and to reduce transit damage. The results have been spectacular and have been written up as a case study in Powder Bulk Solids magazine. Click here to go to the article. The article also quotes the results of an independent study by Independent Ecology Consultants which confirms the savings that have been made: not just saving money but also reducing life time energy consumption dramatically. Ridley now uses up to 23% less hydrocarbon for pallet stablisation as a result of switching to LOCK N' POP.